Sandy Beach

Weekly Prayer 



You are the One who reaches out to us in the things that happen through out our days and in our times of despair. Mary Magdalene went to the last place she had seen your body to seek you-to cry out to you. There she found you-not understanding that she would again see you in a resurrected body; but she did! You graciously responded to her heart’s cry and revealed yourself to her. You demonstrated that you love those who love you and that those who seek you find you. [Proverbs 8: 17] She then went to tell others that she had seen you and what you had said to her. 


The first thing you would have us do is seek your kingdom and your righteousness. [Matthew 6: 33] No matter where we are it is in seeking you whole-heartedly, that you assure us that we will find you. [Deuteronomy 4: 29; Jeremiah 29: 13] How do we come to seek you? It is through faith that we please you-believing that you exist and that you reward those who earnestly seek you. [Hebrews 11: 6] Continually you would have us seek your presence. [1Chronicles 16: 11] In faithfulness, we pray to you and know that we will find you. [Psalm 32: 6]



I will extol you LORD at all times; your praise will be on my lips. I will glory in you LORD, letting the afflicted hear and rejoice. I invite everyone to glorify the LORD with me, exalting his name together. I seek you, LORD, and you answer, delivering me from all my fears. [Psalm 34: 1-4] In Jesus’ name, AMEN.


 Weekly Prayer 

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