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Creative Preschool is a highly acclaimed program in the Warren Area preparing preschool children for higher education levels. The school is in session from September through May (following the public school calendar) and meets Tuesday through Thursday mornings/afternoons. Call the church office at 723-4930, Lindsey Mealy at (814) 706-9226, or Brenda Bertch at (814) 730-2694 for registration information.
Meet The Creative Preschool Staff

Lindsey Mealy, Director

Cynthia Klenowski

Jane Crouch

Brenda Bertch

Amanda Wellner





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Creative Preschool is a longstanding, reputable organization that has been in operation within the community for 40 years! Some things have changed over that time period, but our mission has always remained the build and to retain a love of learning, to encourage independence and creativity, to foster self confidence and imagination, to develop pride in reaching goals and a sense of personal responsibility, and to promote kindness and acceptance through the compassion of Christ.

Registration Form

Creative Preschool has opened registration for 2019-20 school year. Applications will be accepted on a first come/first serve basis. Classes meet 8:30 - 11:15am and 12:00 - 2:45pm (depending on enrollment size). Our Pre-K curriculum utilizes the same reading and math series as the WCSD for optimum readiness for entry into Kindergarten.

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