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Church Mouse 

The church mice are members of the congregation who send notes and cards of encouragement to you.


You won't know your mouse until the end of your school year. You will begin receiving mail shortly after

you begin the fall school semester.

Please fill out and submit the survey found below.

The congregation of FUMC enjoyed watching you grow up and wants to support you in your new endeavors.

We wish you a successful and happy year.


God Bless You!

Please tell us:

  • Breaks that you will have during the school year

  • The last day of classes

  • Activities and interests

  • Things you would be interested in hearing about Warren while away

  • Favorite food/candy/dessert/snacks/beverage

  • Favorite restaurant at college

  • Favorite music

  • Favorite Author/book/magazine/movie/TV show

  • Favorite sport/recreational activity and favorite sports team

  • Food Allergies (if any)

If you get sent home, or don't start the school year on campus, how can your church mouse support you?

(Will you still have to drive to school for labs, etc?) 

What would help you best, Gas Cards, Amazon Gift Cards...??

Thank you for submitting your request!

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